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2006/42/AT Machinery Safety Directive

The Machinery Safety Directive, initially published as 2006/42/EC, has been adopted and implemented in the Republic of Turkey as 2006/42/AT Machinery Safety Directive by the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology. This directive outlines regulations and guidelines concerning the mandatory CE certification for machinery, applicable both prior to its introduction to the domestic market and during its exportation to European Union member states.

The 2006/42/AT Machinery Safety Directive encompasses a wide range of equipment, including machinery; Industrial machines,generator, garbage truck, hydraulic press,injection machine replaceable components, safety accessories, lifting accessories, chains, ropes, straps, detachable mechanical transfer installations, and partly completed machinery.

For every piece of machinery falling within the scope of this directive, it is imperative to affix a label bearing the CE mark. This mark must be visibly and permanently placed on the machinery or its label, ensuring compliance with all safety and health requirements specified in the directives.

Securing a CE certificate enables the manufacturing company to effortlessly market its products both domestically and internationally. The CE certificate/sign, often regarded as the product's passport, holds significant importance for firms, particularly when targeting European countries, as it signifies adherence to crucial safety and health standards.

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2006/42/AT Machinery Safety Directive

2006/42/AT Machinery Safety Directive

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