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UDEM Certification

We specialize in ISO 13485 System Certification, CE Marking (CE in Machinery, CE in Lifts, CE in Building Materials, CE in Medical Devices), Ready-Mixed Concrete Certification/G Marking, and Training. Our commitment revolves around prioritizing customer satisfaction and trust in all aspects of our business. Explore our comprehensive range of services in the 'Our Accreditations and Authorities' section.

Our team at UDEM comprises dedicated professionals, each possessing extensive expertise in their respective fields. With a wealth of professional experience, our staff is well-equipped to address diverse needs related to our service offerings.

Unlike traditional certification bodies, UDEM goes beyond mere validation. Our mission is to add value to the systems of the firms we collaborate with, treating them as business partners. We maintain a steadfast commitment to impartiality while deploying experts who offer objective perspectives, combining experience with knowledge to generate constructive solutions.

Since our establishment, we have adhered to a customer-oriented service approach, investing in technology, training, and our staff to uphold the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Our goal is not only to control and confirm but also to actively contribute to the success of the companies we serve.

Our Vision

Leveraging our sector experience and expert team, we aspire to become the global leader in conformity assessment. Our innovative and sustainable quality approach sets us apart, with an unwavering commitment to impartiality, independence, and confidentiality.

Our Mission

Guided by the principles of impartiality, independence, and confidentiality, our mission is to provide the most reliable national and international certification, testing, verification, and training services. We prioritize the well-being of humans and the environment, delivering added value to our customers.


  • Service mindset prioritizing customer satisfaction without compromising ethical values
  • Auditing services grounded in trust, impartiality, and confidentiality
  • Certification processes that enhance the value of your firm
  • Qualified auditors and experts proficient in effective communication
  • Even-handed formation of policies and working procedures
  • Staff free from commercial and financial pressures
  • Professional responsibility insurances for added security
  • Continuous information support in accordance with accreditation rules
  • Web-based information inquiry and communication for seamless interactions

Choose UDEM for a partner that not only certifies but also contributes to the growth and success of your business. We stand by our commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation in every service we provide.

UDEM Certificate

We crown our achievements with originality with our sector experience and expert staff, we continue to be the choice of professionals.

Without compromising our principles of impartiality, independence and confidentiality, we aim to be a leader not only in Türkiye, but also in the global market, we are expanding our international network every day.

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